A special thanks to everyone from Butler, Wellington, and Winn Brook Elementary Schools who submitted a poem for this project. We have selected the poem lines (below) for installation.

Due to some changes in the funding, we were able to select more poems than originally budget (yea!), however we will hold off on installing in order to coincide with the fall and spring “Walk to School Days” for 2017-18. In the meantime, please enjoy these lines and congratulations to all those who took an artistic leap of faith!


“An apple looks like the sun

setting red on the horizon.”

– Nina

“When the sky streaks with stars

and the morning awakes”

– Clarisse

“It’s spring when the world is raindrop-wet

and the ocean is as blue as it can be”

– Maryam

“Spring, the damp grass

slowly grows”

– Johnny

“[the blue jay] did a quick turn

then a quick twist

then he went on his

way into the mist.”

– Madeleine

“I plant a garden

in the spring.

What good things

will it bring?”

– Bella

“worms rule the underground.”

– Clodagh

“the sun shines bright rays of light,

the ground grows mud-luscious”

– Brandon

“And when the flowers bloom

my heart goes BOOM!”

– Ellie

“I see bees buzzing in the flower fields.”

– Eliza


everybody chugging lemonade

in their faces and when

spring bre——–ack is here

almost everyone is lugging

their luggage.”

– A Butler Poet


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